Cheline Dawnmist

Elven Wizard of the Full Moon Coven


Elf female wizard, age 29. Chel is average height and slender, with a build befitting a lifelong scholar. Her deep red-brown hair is kept simple and short, she does not have the time or inclination to fuss with it. Green eyes shine with intelligence and curiosity.

With her nearly always is her animal familiar, a bulky orange tabby cat she calls Mr. Biscuits.


Cheline has been the apprentice of Vance Silverstar for several years, since she came to the town of White Hills. She is young still, and naive to the world in many ways. She is smart but awkward. A bit spastic, and may stutter when confronted.

Originally, she hails from one of the small kashan elf tribes dotting the Rylan forests. None, save for herself and Vance, seem to know her reasons for leaving.

Cheline Dawnmist

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