Tag: white hills


  • Tara Goldlight

    The Goldlight Inn was originally owned by Tara's mother, Kareen. Tara was raised in the village and began helping around the Inn at a young age. Naturally, she inherited the establishment when her mother passed. Both Tara and the Inn itself are beloved …

  • Vance Silverstar

    very smart. not a wizard but knows his share of useful rituals and is a fountain of knowledge for the area. He's been a part of White Hills since before anyone else currently residing there was born.

  • Fergus Valen

    safety of his hold is concern #1, and he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty (so to speak) to ensure his people are prospering. a bit conservative. doesn’t mind paying others to take on danger instead of his guard risking themselves.

  • Cheline Dawnmist

    Cheline has been the apprentice of [[:vance]] for several years, since she came to the town of White Hills. She is young still, and naive to the world in many ways. She is smart but awkward. A bit spastic, and may stutter when confronted. Originally, …

  • Wisterhoff Snake-Eyes

    Local scout for the thieves guild. Mainly a lookout and recon guy, but buys and sells for the Guild and their affiliates when the need arises. Snake-eyes is crude and speaks with improper, uneducated grammar. He doesn't like wasting time on those who …

  • Nhexion BlackVenom

    In life before the [[Long Repose]], Nhexion the Envenomed was a copper dragon of the tribe Far Sky. It was she who chose the design of her burial site; having the final piece of a ritual to turn into a Dracolich is not a common part of dragon burial. She …