The Basics:

Legendary for their toughness and strong will, dwarves are indomitable warriors and master artisans. Dwarven kingdoms are mighty mountain citadels, but dwarf crafters can be found in any town or city.

Average Height: 4´3˝–4´9˝
Average Weight: 160–220 lb.

Aging: Although they reach physical maturity at roughly the same age as humans, dwarves age more slowly and remain vigorous well past 150 years of age, often living to see 200.

Language: Dwarven, Common


Most dwarves still prefer to live underground, and the largest cities are found beneath the surface of Stonescale Island: The great dwarven kingdom of Four Peak Reach. A growing number of dwarves live in the southern lands as well, mostly concentrated in the mountains of Kelsian and Rylanden

Dwarves average about 4½ feet in height and are very broad, weighing as much as an adult human. Dwarves have the same variety of skin, eye, and hair colors as humans, although dwarf skin is sometimes gray or sandstone red and red hair is more common among them. Male dwarves are often bald and braid their long beards into elaborate patterns. Female dwarves braid their hair to show clan and ancestry. Dwarven attire and equipment, including weapons and shields, are decorated with bold geometric shapes, natural gems, and ancestral faces.

Dwarf Characteristics: Acquisitive, brave, hard-working, loyal, organized, stern, stubborn, tenacious, vengeful.


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