The Basics:

Kin to the eladrin, elves dwell in the deep forests of the world and love the beauty of nature. Many elves (and some eladrin, too) live in wandering companies that visit many lands, staying a season or two in each.

Average Height: 5´4˝–6´0˝
Average Weight: 130–170 lb.

Aging: Elves mature at about the same rate as humans, but show few effects of age past adulthood. Most elves live to be well over 200 years old and remain vigorous almost to the end.

Language: elven, common


Elves are slender, athletic folk about as tall as humans. They have the same range of complexions as humans, tending more toward tan or brown hues. A typical elf’s hair color is dark brown, autumn orange, mossy green, or deep gold. Elves’ ears are long and pointed, and their eyes are vibrant blue, violet, or green. Elves have little body hair, but they favor a wild and loose look to their hair.

Elf Characteristics: Agile, friendly, intuitive, joyful, perceptive, quick, tempestuous, wild.

Two subraces of elves exist on Avala: Ventan, also known as highland elves, and Kashan, or lowland elves.

Ventan tend to be shortest, but physically strongest of elvenkind. Magic is not cultivated in their society, and their grasp of spellcraft is weakest of all elves. Ventan elves were the first to split off from their eladrin brethren, and traveled across the sea to the southern mainland. Ventan once populated most of the Southern Lands as well southern Stonescale, but human hostility all but eradicated many of the tribes. The remaining Ventan survived by embracing the often harsh climate and terrain, and adopting a warlike lifestyle. The few scattered elves that remained in the human westlands either integrated with human society or banded together and formed small nomadic tribes.

The Kashan elves left their Feywild ancestors later, and traveled by sea to Rylanden, then expanded to Kelsian. They more closely resemble eladrin in both appearance and culture. Kashan prefer to stay out of human affairs, but do not take kindly to intrusion and defend their land fiercely. The Kashan are renowned for their craftsmanship in metal, wood, textiles, and jewelry. Neighboring human settlements strive for good relations with the Kashan in order to enjoy the lucrative trade and many have aide agreements in place. Traditionally, Kashan do not use animal materials in any craft, except those which can be collected without harm to the animal. (antlers, feathers, honey/beeswax, shed reptile skin) They have developed a durable leather-alternative made from heavy canvas treated with tree resin.


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