Four Peak Reach

FourPeakweb.png-Abbreviation: KV
-Demonym: Kvara
-Flag: Black with 4 copper equilateral triangles in horizontal line across center.
-Capital city: Kuprinholm
-Major cities: Ferran, Niktern
-Government: dwarven kingdom
-Rulers: Axel Kuprin
-Populations: dwarf, gnome
-Factions Present: Hand of Red
-Attractions: Mount Kuprin, Sapphire lake, the cliffs of Sunia’s Hubris

The Four Peak range is the highest and meanest of any mountains in the world, but the dwarves live entirely beneath them. Thermal vents and underground springs are not uncommon findings among the tunnels.

Four Peak Reach is so named for the four tallest mountains along the Four Peak range. Mount Kuprin, Mount Astral, Mount Niktern, and Mount Ferran. (Mount Kuprin is Avala’s tallest mountain)

The dwarves inhabiting the mountain range of Four Peak Reach have been living and mining the area for as long as anyone can remember. Their network of tunnels falls almost completely within the Prels border, but the dwarves do not adhere or even pay attention to human surface concerns. They have stayed out of human interests up until Emperor Streiklund began mining the area. Conflicts arose quickly after that.

Traditional Dwarven society is divided into 3 main tiers: Miners, Crafters, and Traders. Manual labor and working alongside one’s family members are embraced traditions of Four Peak. They are very territorial of their tunnels and caverns and the veins they mine, otherwise the do not care at all about what happens topside.

Small scattered pockets of gnomes also call Stonescale home. Most find a good life working with the dwarves, doing much of the gemcutting and jewelcrafting, as well as practicing alchemy and other magics. A few are bribed with gold and finery to work for the humans. still others decide to harass both and ally with neither. they do well to avoid the dragonborn territories in the north.

Four Peak Reach

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