The Basics:

Gnomes are small and stealthy fey who value a quick mind and the ability to escape notice. Gnomes are drawn to illusion and trickery. They explore the world with a sense of curiosity and wonder.

Average Height: 3´4˝–3´8˝
Average Weight: 50–75 lb.

Aging: Gnomes are as long-lived as eladrin, living over 300 years, but they show more of the effects of age. A gnome over the age of 100 has gray or white hair and skin that shows the wrinkled and weathered lines of a century of laughter, but even the oldest gnome retains the strength and agility of youth.

Language: common, elven


Gnomes originated in the Feywild, and are found throughout the Moonlit Isle. Gnomes have also made homes in the Southern Lands and Stonescale.

Gnomes are smaller even than halflings, rarely exceeding 4 feet in height. Apart from their size, they resemble elves or eladrin, with pointed ears and chiseled facial features such as high cheekbones and sharp jaws. They have a more wild look than eladrin do, though, particularly in the hair that sprouts from their heads in random directions. Some male gnomes sprout tufts of hair from their chins, but they otherwise lack body hair. Gnome skin tone ranges from a ruddy tan through woody brown to rocky gray. Their hair can be virtually any color, from stark white to blond and various shades of brown to autumnal orange or green. Their eyes are glittering black orbs.

Gnome Characteristics: Affable, clever, crafty, curious, funny, guarded, inconspicuous, inventive, secretive, sly, tricky.


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