The Basics:

Goliaths dwell high in mountainous regions, traveling with the migrations of elk and other game. They view life as a grand competition and call on primal power to enhance their considerable physical strength and endurance.

Average Height: 7´2˝–7´8˝
Average Weight: 280–340 lb.

Aging: Goliaths have life spans comparable to those of humans.

Language: common, and either dwarven or giant depending on origin.


Believed to be descended from the ancestors of humans, Goliaths live deep in the Battlement range between Rylanden and Syraad.

Goliaths tower over even dragonborn, standing between 7 and 8 feet tall. Their skin is gray or brown, mottled with darker patches that they believe hint at some aspect of each goliath’s fate or destiny. Their skin is speckled with lithoderms, coin-sized growths of bone that appear like pebbles studding their arms, shoulders, torso, and head. A bony ridge juts over their gleaming blue or green eyes. Male goliaths are bald, and females have dark hair they typically grow long and wear in braids.

Goliath Characteristics: Competitive, daring, driven, inquisitive, powerful, reliable, restless, trusting.


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