The Basics:

Half-orcs combine the best qualities of humans and orcs and are strong, fierce, decisive, and resourceful. They savor the simple pleasures of life, from feasting and revelry to the thrill of battle.

Average Height: 5´9˝–6´4˝
Average Weight: 155–225 lb.

Aging: Half-orcs don’t live quite as long as humans do. They mature quickly, reaching adulthood at about 16 years, and rarely live past the age of 60.

Language: common, giant


Commonly found in Syraad and near the border in Kelsian and Rylanden.

Half-orcs favor their human lineage in appearance, but are distinguished by skin that tends to various shades of gray, broad jaws, and prominent lower canine teeth—though these are still a far cry from the jutting tusks of orcs. On average, they are taller and stronger than humans as well. Their hair is usually black, though it grays quickly with age. Most half-orcs who live among humans favor human styles of clothing and hairstyle, but a few adopt orc traditions, tying small bones or beads into long braids or bunches of hair.

Half-Orc Characteristics: Brash, ferocious, hedonistic, impulsive, short-tempered, tough, uninhibited.


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