Hand of Red

Hand.pngterritory: Corrias, with hostels in Kelsian and Stonescale.
leader: Keeral Splinterfang

Avala’s foremost organization of contract killers, the Hand maintains cordial ties with The Pirate Fleet, and keeps a liaison contact to The Thieves Guild.

Hand of Red is an old, some would say ancient organization originally comprised of an elite group of dragonborn hunters in the old glory days of the Stonescale tribes. The group recruits sparingly and trains its own. Not exclusively dragonborn anymore, but its strong roots in Rael’Na made them a majority. Of late, however, elvenkind have been preferred for their superior stealth.

The Hand as an organization consists of seven primary operatives, including Keeral himself; seasoned veterans and top talent all. Lower level contracts are handled by any of several trained inductees. Contracts are accepted on a first pay, first served basis.

The seven top assassins are generally contracted by name, but each can decline jobs at will. If a contract is extended and declined, Keeral will attempt to arrange another suitable operative. He doesn’t like work being turned down outright, but allows his best some measure of autonomy. The low level work is assigned by Keeral, and gets done one way or another.

Hand of Red

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