The Basics:

Brave and ambitious, humans are somewhat more numerous than other races, and their city-states are among the brightest spots in a dark world. However, there still exist vast portions of the world where no human has set foot.

Average Height: 5´6˝–6´2˝
Average Weight: 135–220 lb.

Aging: Humans average life spans of about 75 years, though some venerable members of the race live as long as 90 or more years.

Language: Common


humans are found in the highest density across the Southern Lands, and have more recently spread into southern Stonescale. Few humans are found in Firecrown, the Moonlit Isle, or Syraad.

Humans come in a wide variety of heights, weights, and colors. Some humans have black or dark brown skin, others are as pale as snow, and they cover the whole range of tans and browns in between. Their hair is black, brown, or a range of blonds and reds. Their eyes are most often brown, blue, or hazel.

Human attire varies wildly, depending on the environment and society in which they live. Their clothing can be simple, ostentatious, or anything in between. It’s not unusual for several distinct human cultures to live side by side in a particular area and mingle, so human armor, weaponry, and other items incorporate a variety of designs and motifs.

Human Characteristics: Adaptable, ambitious, bold, corruptible, creative, driven, hardy, pragmatic, resourceful, territorial, tolerant.


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