Rylanden.png-Abbreviation: RD
-Demonym: Rylan
-Flag: White with royal purple waxing crescent moon centered
-Capital: Astral City
-Other major cities: Silvercrest, Whiterock, Windsong, New Redbridge, Twin Rivers
-Government: The Council of Three
-leaders: Lady Jes Kaja, human. Zawn Silverstar, elf. Juhl Ironstone, dwarf.
-Populations: human, elf (kashan majority, some ventan), dwarf, some gnome and others.
-Factions Present: BlackThorn, Arcanists, Thieves Guild
-Attractions: Astral lake, Windsong is the only port allowing any trade and business with Firecrown’s Tiefling kingdom.

Most of the countryside consists of grassy fertile plains and low hills. The land becomes colder and harsher in the south along the Battlement mountain range. The coast is temperate and wooded. As a whole, the country is less advanced but boasts more natural resources and harbors than other southern countries.

RD has a ruling council comprised of a representative from each of the country’s majority races. The Council of Three: each race’s ruler is simply the representative of their race with the most land and supporters.

Physical Map of Rylanden, with major towns and roads


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