Sioranweb.png-Abbreviation: SN
-Demonym: Siora
-Flag: black with white rose centered, light yellow pale dexter with black hourglass centered.
-Capital city: Siora’Na
-Other major cities: Siorith’sanas, Somera
-Government: Monarchy
-Ruler: King Trenys Nightfire, eladrin
-Populations: eladrin, half-elf, some human, some gnome
-Factions Present: Arcanists, BlackThorn,
-Attractions: Tranquil (Trankvila) temple site, lake Sorrowsong, House Nightfire,

Most think of Azran and Sioran as one, referring to the entire island as the Moonlit Isle.

Sioran is known for tropical forests in the north to subtropical forests further south. some lowlands in the east near the rivers. the west is mountainous with sheer cliffs on the coast.

Sioran encompasses approx. 2/3 of the Moonlit Isle’s west, with the shared border with Azran divided by the Northwind river. Sioran is wilder hill and forest land, dotted with tribes of elves. Only one eladrin city makes worldfall in Sioran. Siorith’Sanas: appearing near the shores of lake Sorrowsong at sundown and disappearing with first light. (in the Feywild, Siorith’Sanas is a floating city and never lands in quite the same place in the Prime.) Siora are the most familiar with the Feywild, after the Azra.

The western coast is practically uninhabited due to its harsh rocky terrain and lack of good harbor.

Sioran has taken it upon themselves to steward the Stormheart Sea’s trade and keep the peace with the Empire. They are however, more inclined to trade with outsiders to share their vast natural resources. Despite the hostility they have endured in the past, Siora are very openminded and friendly for eladrin. Sioran is the only country open to trade with Syraad.

Ruling House Nightfire hails from Pazama Arbao.


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