RaelNaweb.png-Abbreviation: RN
-Demonym: Raela
-Flag: horizontal bars of gold, white, lt blue. red dragon wing at sinister chief
-Capital city: Drakonden
-Major cities: Clawreach, Everstorm
-Government: dragonborn tribal
-Ruler: Rekviem Bladewing
-Populations: dragonborn
-Factions Present: Hand of Red
-Attractions: Dragonwing Sea

Stonescale Island had enjoyed a peaceful history and stays out of other countries’ conflicts, especially those involving the Empire. This is largely due to the very harsh terrain and climate, as well as its isolation.

rocky, hot and rainy on the coasts and drier inland. a few swaths of gnarled trees exist in the west and north. scrub grasses make up the vegetation midland.

The northern part of the island is home to nearly all dragonborns. they have, so far, stayed out of the rising conflict between the dwarves and humans and keep their focus on the security of their borders. A yearly “tax” is paid to the Pirate Fleet in exchange for their continued disinterest in taking over Rael’Na. The Fleet visits only Everstorm, leaving the capital and the rest of the coast alone, as long as Rael’Na keeps up with its promised offerings.

Once, when the mortal races were still young and gaining their footing, dragonborns ruled the entirety of stonescale and sent bands of dragon stewards freely around the world. dragonborn hunters were feared above all others.

After humans began gaining power and martial prowess, they decided dragons were the ultimate trophy kill, and hunted them relentlessly. dragonborns fought to protect their mother and father kin, and lost many of their once large numbers. most remaining dragons went into hibernation and left the dragonborns to retreat and cower away from human populations. over the years, dragonborns lost their knowledge and interest in the old dragonlore.

The assassin’s guild, the Hand of Red, is descended from an elite band of dragonborn hunters.

The tribes of Rael’Na once each had a dragon at their head, advising, protecting, and inspiring the tribe as a whole. The dragons themselves would battle for ultimate power in Rael’Na. After the Long Sleep, when most of the dragons went into hibernation, the tribes took leaders from the strongest among them.

Unknown to many outside Rael’Na, tribe Bladewing maintains power because they still have a dragon at their head, who advises leader Rekviem Bladewing. This dragon, a young embattled black beast named Rignarox, has an insatiable hunger for chaos and hedonism.

Current Tribes:
-Bladewing: in power under the dragon Rignarox.
-Firewind: most devoted to the old traditions, and the only active keepers of the dwindling Raela dragonlore.
-Red Fang: this small but fierce tribe holds the southern borders and deters human expansion.
-Stormlight: master crafters and glassmakers. tend to be opportunistic and greedy.
-Stoneclaw: probably the most physically powerful dragonborn tribe, & would be in power if it weren’t for Rigarnox. Stoneclaws average over a head taller than any other dragonborn and train from hatchlings as warriors.


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