Nhexion BlackVenom

Freed Dracolich in the Southlands


As a lich, her body is desiccated skeletal and partially decayed in places. Most of her coloration has become the tarnished green of aged copper, plus an encroaching matte black consuming much of her scale surfaces. Some gleaming copper of her original scales shines through in a few places. Her eyes are a dull red, unless she is angry or very interested in something, then they glow brighter crimson. Her head is crowned by a backswept crest of horns.

In the time since she as been awakened as a lich, she has begun covering her scales in gold plating and inset jewels.


In life before the Long Repose, Nhexion the Envenomed was a copper dragon of the tribe Far Sky. It was she who chose the design of her burial site; having the final piece of a ritual to turn into a Dracolich is not a common part of dragon burial. She was young when the Long Repose began, and did not want to hibernate like so many others of her kind. So she had a wizard bind her to a phylactery stone, set up the burial site, and kill her.

The phylactery stone was originally buried with Nhexion. It ended up being stolen out of the burial chamber, by a gnome called “the wraith baroness”. The gnome was twisted to madness by the stone’s power being magnified by the nearby shadow rift over the years.

Nhexion is greedy, egotistical, and self-assured. she also loves talking. With her phylactery returned, she is unshackled from the draw of the shadow rift’s rising power. Nhex has it out for humans, but practices restraint in her vengeance. Really, she’s glad to be reanimated and able to pursue treasure or whatever else might strike her fancy. The fact that Orcus and a death cult are active annoy her, since she feels the pull of the undead demon prince.

The closing of the rift and destruction of the Orcus cult gave Nhexion some further freedom. She took the advice of Jordan and the A-Team and sought out the dragonborn homeland, allying with Jordan’s tribe Firewind as well as forging a traveling agreement with the Pirate Fleet

Nhexion BlackVenom

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