Azranweb.png-Abbreviation: AN
-Demonym: Azra
-Flag: true green with white rose centered and encircled by a silver crescent.
-Capital city: Skieholm
-Other major cities: Oriashan
-Government: individual townships, overseen by the Circle of Elders in Skieholm.
-Ruler: First Elder Falera Winterlight
-Populations: eladrin (plus some elves, half-elves)
-Factions Present: Arcanists, BlackThorn
-Attractions: Azran Historical Research Facility, Library of the Moonspire, Azaal’s Keep

Most think of Azran and Sioran as one, referring to the entire island as the Moonlit Isle.

the tropical forest land in north Sioran gives way to lush grasslands and river valleys in Azran. stands of subtropical trees dot the north and west borders along the river. the coast tends to be long sandy beaches guarded by cliffs and rocky outcroppings.

The vast majority of Azran is undeveloped. Any agriculture is only practiced to supply its own residents, Azran does not export natural resources. The country only trades with its neighbor of the Isle, and with Rylanden. The Azra are a very private people, and their primary concerns are for research and tradition, the Feywild, and the security of the aforementioned. Skieholm, though not the capital, is the epitome of Azra culture.

The city of Skieholm is entrenched in tradition and is ruled by the Library’s senior staff. Study, analysis, and preservation of dragonlore, the Language of the Ancients, and other aspects of Avala’s early history are the primary concerns of the city. The Library of the Moonspire is located in Skieholm’s heart.

Skieholm appears and disappears with violent storms along the coast upon which it resides in both the Prime and the feywild. In the feywild, Skieholm is the location of a powerful naturally occurring rift gate, and the eladrin have built around it, harnessing its power and using its phasing to move the entire city between the feywild and the prime. With enough focus and spellpower, the eladrin could force a halt to the rift’s phases, but they have not yet felt the need. Nonetheless, they are aware of the potential for others to exploit their city’s rift and are very defensive. Sioran, as a whole, is also protective of Skieholm’s rift.

The Azran Historical Research Facility is considered part of Skieholm, but does not phase with the city, instead staying in the prime just inside the city gates.

The only other city to make worldfall between the fey realm and Azran is the ancient city of Oriashan, which phases with the new moon. Oriashan has maintained the responsibility of presenting offerings to the silver dragon Azaal at her keep on the eastern peninsula of Azran. Azaal’s favor is carefully preserved this way. In exchange, the dragon defends the Moonlit Isle’s shores from the Pirate Fleet who migrate around the Central Ocean.

Legend has it that Azaal was once a powerful eladrin mage, who traded her mortal form for power and was locked into the body of a dragon. Others believe she was chosen by Bahamut to be one of his trusted servants and it was he who transformed her.


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