-Abbreviation: KS
-Demonym: Kels (only used by outsiders. each clan thinks of itself as a separate entity first, and Kels second.)
-Flag: true red with gold warhammer centered, flanked by facing blue falcons, above a banner inscribed with the Valko motto “In the last agonies, remember life.” (each clan uses its own flag. The Valko standard is recognized as the de facto flag of Kelsian since they are the majority land holders.)
-Capital: Valkanth (each clan has its own capital city. Valkanth is the capital of Valko.)
-Other major cities: Sentre’Na, Helamons, Wyr, Hunter’s Watch,
-Government: several Warlord Clans
-Clan Lords: Ivan Valko IV, Konstantin Maersk, Remi Swiftbow, Vincent DeFron, Gustav Helion, Viktor Valkoprava, Wolfram Blaize, Auramira Jagra.
-Populations: majority human, some elf and dwarf, other sparse settlements
-Factions Present: BlackThorn, Hand of Vaalath, Thieves Guild
-Chief Exports: Weapons, coal, stone, lumber
-landmarks: Singing Temple, Crystal Caverns, The Reaper’s Sickle, Eye of the Abyss, Lake Ventaas, Isle of Wind, Fire Forge Bay, FariBieron Stalkanth’An “Avala’s Oldest Brewery,”

most of the land is rough and uneven hills and mountains dominate the landscape. the south is extremely cold in the winter as the iced expanse covers the southernmonst tip of the landmass. cradled in the center of the country is forested land with settlements carved from it. the coast is rocky and offers few ports.

Kelsian is known for its harsh land and the warlord clans that rule it in constantly changing internal borders. Kels tend to be worldly and outspoken, even the humblest train as fighters. Family is very important to the Kels, and extended families often live together for most or all of their lives.

Geography and Points of interest:

The Singing Temple and the Crystal Caverns are located just outside the city of Wyr, known locally as Kristalo’Na, or “Crystal City.” The Eye of the Abyss, a great chasm believed to allow entrance to the Shadowfell itself, is located in the south, cradled by the Reapers Sickle lake.

A treaty with Twin Rivers through Lord Viscount Langley in Rylanden allows sanctioned use of KS shores along Fire Forge Bay and the Great Dividing River for licensed vessels. The treaty also grants RD lease to a piece of land on KS shores for a shipyard at the mouth of the bay.


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