Long Repose

—Prologue from “The Long Repose and the Decline of the Dragonborn,” by Farras Wrneth Seastrider Onyx’An Blueiron Rosethorn Dawnwisp Moonspire, Head Librarian of the Library of the Moonspire, Skieholm.

Some 500 years ago, dragons were active in the world, though most resided in northern Stonescale – the dragonborn homeland of Rael’Na. The dragonborns, fierce and honorable hunters and warriors, acted as the emissaries and trusted servants to their ancestral kin. It is believed the tribes of Rael’Na once each had a dragon at their head, advising, protecting, and inspiring the tribe as a whole. The dragons themselves would battle for ultimate power in Stonescale and beyond.

During these glory days of Draconic power, dragonborns ruled the entirety of Stonescale, Firecrown, and the Moonlit Isle and freely traveled the Southern Lands. Dragonborn hunters were feared above all others.

After humans began gaining power and martial prowess, they decided dragons were the ultimate trophy kill and hunted them relentlessly. Dragonborns fought to protect their mother and father kin, but lost many of their once large numbers. It is believed that at some point during this era that most remaining dragons went into hibernation. Dragonborns were left to retreat and cower away from human advancement. Over the years, dragonborns lost their knowledge and interest in the old dragonlore.

The infamous assassin’s guild, The Hand of Red, is descended from an elite band of dragonborn hunters.

Long Repose

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