Pirate Fleet

Fleetweb.png-Flag: vertical black pennant with silver crowned skull centered, crossed swords below.
-Base of operations: Penrose, Ashwind, Firecrown
-Territory: the Central Sea, Firecrown
-Admiral: Valdiirn Kenghym
-Populations: varies greatly. large numbers of drow, half-orcs, and other “non-civilized” races join the fleet.
-Major “ports of call”: Essian KL, Priern KL, Everstorm RN, Azurmons PL, KraesVale PL, Chalens SK, Crestvale CR, Fire Forge Bay, Astral City RD.

The pirate fleet is currently comprised of eight main ships and several smaller “support” vessels varying in size, origin, and utility. It is Kenghym’s custom to keep the original names and colors on each of his ships, with the addition of the Fleet’s flag. He does this to spite and shame all who see them. It also helps disguise them from afar. All the ships have been acquired through either commandeering them from the open ocean or taking them as “payment” from port cities.

All the ships have at least one magic-user aboard. If a vacancy cannot be filled by “traditional recruitment”, Arcanists Collective mages are hired, though they are not considered true members of the Fleet.

The only race forbidden from joining the Fleet is tiefling. Kenghym is too wary of tieflings gaining control of the fleet or destroying it from within to allow any tiefling recruits. The Tiefling Kingdom is stuck in its current position: only one trade port in the world is open to them because they harbor the pirates on Firecrown unopposed. The tieflings therefore rely on the Fleet to provide them with supplies they cannot get themselves. If the tieflings were to declare war on the fleet in order to reopen trade with other countries, the Fleet and its allies would undoubtedly take over the whole of Firecrown and either kill or enslave the tiefling population.

The fleet operates out of the westernmost Firecrown islands now known as Ashwind. they operate autonomously and trade their pillaged wealth with the tiefling kingdom in exchange for the allowance to operate freely from the islands. The tieflings in power, consequently, appear to enjoy a life of luxury while unable to wrest power from the fleet.

The fleet docks during the coldest part of winter at their home base in Ashwind. In spring, they set out to make their rounds. stopping first near the Krenas’Laan capital of Krele, then eastward to Rael’Na and the Dragonwing Sea, moving down the coast into what is now Prels holdings, into the Strait of the Exiled to knock on Streik’s door, the around the Corrias coast, stopping to extort and raid as they please through the summer months. Fire Forge Bay, between and shared by Kelsian and Rylanden, is a major stop for the fleet in autumn, as it is one of the largest trade ports in the world. A few stops in Rylanden, then the fleet heads home. The fleet skirts past The Moonlit Isle completely, as a great silver dragon known as Azaal guards her shores and the eladrin patrol the Stormheart Sea vigilantly with their own defense fleet.

Pirate Fleet

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