the Moonlit Isle

The Moonlit Isle is divided into two provinces, Sioran and Azran. Most mainlanders, however, simply refer to them as Moonlit Isle without acknowledging the separate powers. The Isle has the strongest tie to the Feywild in the world. Most of the world’s eladrin population resides on the Isle.

Sioran is known for tropical forests in the north to subtropical forests further south. Lowlands stretch east near the rivers. The west is mountainous with sheer cliffs on the coast. The western coast is practically uninhabited due to its harsh rocky terrain and lack of good harbor.

Sioran has taken it upon themselves to steward the Stormheart Sea’s trade and keep the peace with outsiders. They are however, more inclined to trade and to share their vast natural resources. Despite the hostility they have endured in the past, Siora are very openminded and friendly for eladrin. Sioran is the only country open to trade with Syraad.

The tropical forest land in north Sioran gives way to lush grasslands and river valleys in Azran. Stands of subtropical trees dot the north and west borders along the river. The coast tends to be long sandy beaches guarded by cliffs and rocky outcroppings.

The vast majority of Azran is undeveloped. Any agriculture is only practiced to supply its own residents, Azran does not export natural resources. The country only trades with its neighbor of the Isle, and with Rylanden. The Azra eladrin are a very private people, and their primary concerns are for research and tradition, the Feywild, and the security of the aforementioned.

the Moonlit Isle

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